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DINEX® Lighting System

DINEX Lighting System

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Increased passenger comfort
  • Smooth and comfort lighting.
  • Soft fade in/fade out courtesy light.
  • Reduced glare by directing light to reading plane and floor.
Increased passenger safety
  • Optional emergency backup lighting system for quick evacuation.*
Decreased operation cost
  • Long life Nichia or Philips high power LED's with 12 years or 500,000 miles of expected operation life with unlimited on/off cycles.
  • Reduced battery consumption by automatically adjusting lighting level based on ambient light, minimize power drain by interior lighting when the engine and alternator are not running.
  • Easy lens cleaning.*
  • Reduced wire harness as a result of simple daisy-chain cable connection between adjacent light fixtures.*
  • Built-in self protection features such as automatic thermal shut-down and restart, PWM output to regulate current.*
* Patent pending
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The I/O Controls LED based DINEX® Lighting System is a highly efficient next-generation lighting solution for transit vehicles. The system has been specifically designed to increase passenger comfort and safety. The solid state high power LEDs are expected to maintain on average 60-70% of original output brightness after 60,000 hours of operation, which can dramatically reduce maintenance and operating cost.

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The DINEX® Lighting System is an intelligent network controlled by the multiplex system. The DINEX® Lighting System is designed for unlimited number of on-off cycles with no decline in service life.

Using a built-in photo sensor the light will operate at 100% capacity during the night, while automatically dimming to 60% capacity during the day. If high temperatures occur then the lights will automatically go to the dim setting. If high temperatures persist the lights will shut down to prevent damage to the lighting components.

Very little design work is needed to add the DINEX® Lighting System to a vehicle. Each section (2 foot to 6 foot) connects to the next section using daisy-chain wiring that is built into each fixture. There is no need to fabricate a wiring harmess for each light fixture. By reducing the number of connections it will improve overall system reliability.

Optional emergency backup lighting system keep certain lighting fixtures to remain at minimum output illuminated under battery power for a considerable length of time, allowing for passenger visibility and timely egress from the vehicle during emergency conditions.

The DINEX® Lighting System provides soft fade in/fade out courtesy lights. The light output is continuously variable and starts at a low level increasing steadily when turned on. This gives the eye time to acclimate to the light level. When switched off, the DINEX® Lighting System slowly fades to darkness.

The DINEX® Lighting System has low power consumption compared to fluorescent lights. In addition the lights are dimmed during the day to reduce the power consumption. The system minimizes power drain by interior lighting when engine and alternator are not running and reduces battery load further extending battery life.

The lenses may be cleaned periodically by hooking a vacuum cleaner to one end of the lighting fixture to remove dust or insects from the group of fixtures.

I/O Controls provides a 12-year limited warranty or 500,000 miles (which ever comes first) on LED lights and a 6-year limited warranty on driver modules. Limited warranty does not cover abuse, misapplication.